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  • KayentaLogo.svg Bartholinitis can also occur when immunity is weakened (stress, hypothermia, beriberi) and after surgical interventions (surgery, medical abortion).

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Local therapy includes applications with medicinal ointments

And when a Bartholin gland brush is found, its removal is postponed for zocor period. Acute bartholinitis during gestation is dangerous for spontaneous abortion, intrauterine infection of the fetus and premature birth.

Example from practice: I had a 30-year-old patient who, with enviable regularity, 2 times a year, came in with a relapse of the disease. Moreover, in quiet times, she did not have a cyst, any compaction of the Bartholin gland, but bartholinitis recurred stably, every 6 months. After the first opening of the abscess and successful antibacterial treatment, the recovered woman was discharged home.

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But she did it again six months later. After the second time the abscess was opened, the patient was sent to be examined for sexual infections after recovery. No infections were found. After the third admission to the gynecological department, this woman, that is, her recurrent bartholinitis, made me think. After another successful anti-inflammatory treatment, I referred her to an immunologist. The immunologist, after prescribing tests, revealed serious violations of the immune system and prescribed appropriate treatment. The therapy was beneficial for the patient and she did not apply again with relapses of the disease.

Bartholinitis is an infectious inflammation of the large (Bartholin) glands located in the vestibule of the vagina, often unilateral.

  • The disease occurs predominantly in young, sexually active patients.
  • Often, bartholinitis in women develops against a background of specific inflammation, especially gonorrheal, however, in most cases, inflammation of the large glands of the vestibule of the vagina is provoked by microbial associations, and not by one specific pathogen.
  • In the mucous membrane of the vestibule of the vagina there is a significant number of active glands. Issues
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Their function is controlled by the nervous system and is closely related to cyclic hormonal changes in the female body. Bartholinitis is the result of an infectious and inflammatory process in the large (Bartolinium) gland of simvastatin pills of the vagina. The Bartholin glands provide moisture to the vaginal mucosa by secreting secretions. With bartholinitis, the excretory duct and the gland tissue itself are damaged. The causative agents of bartholinitis can be staphylococci, gonococci, Escherichia coli, Trichomonas, Pseudomonas aeruginosa.